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Hello Everyone,

Praise God In The Highest for His Answer to our Prayers !!!

Great news!, my son-in-law has almost completely recovered from whatever it was that he had. Not covid, stroke, or diabetes. The doctors are still not sure what happened.

He is home, walking around without help or a cane, he now recognizes everyone, and 95% to 98% of the time does not struggle with talking and carrying on a conversation. With each passing day his health improves.

Thank You !, For Your Prayers,

I'm thanking my God for answering my prayer. I spoke to my son that I haven't spoken to in half a year possibly more.

I want to thank and GLORIFY Jesus, that last night I shifted to a new rented annex.

In my time of distress and pain,I called to God and asked for your prayers, and He heard our prayer and saved me from a very painful situation. God protected me from the harassment of my previous landlord and his family, and strengthened and comforted me when everything seemed so bleak and homeless. At first, finding a home seemed so hopeless, as the rents are very expensive. for all my life I have been living in dark grimy places with no proper toilets and bathing facilities, and as a single woman, I had to think about safety as well. I laid all my burdens in the hands of Jesus.

I thank and Glorify Jesus, He led me to a very much new annex, close to all facilities. It's SO CLEAN, light and airy, and there is a proper bathroom and toilet facilities within the annex itself!!! I'm thrilled!! It even has a ceiling fan and a tiled floor!! there is such a nice security system with CCTVs as well. I have never lived in such a beautiful place. All my prayers were answered in an amazing way!!

Packing took such a long time and was so draining. I never realized it, but during my depressed times, I have become a hoarder. I have collected a lot of cloths, broken bags, old shoes, newspapers and stuff. God gave me strength and guidance to purge most of it. It was a really shocking insight into myself. Every day I had to pray for strength and He was faithful.

God even provided the money necessary for moving, found good people to help me, and it was truly amazing!!

I'm thankful to God for protecting my job and all other employees' jobs and for all the grace He has given to me through the friends there. It's truly a miracle!!

Change is always painful, and moving houses is a very painful wound in my soul as my family had faced wrath of landlords, the government all the time, and even been evicted. In 2018, Holy Spirit spoke through my pastor Reginald to move from the boarding, I became defensive and rebelled. I was scared of the past repeating itself. God kept telling me " forget the old things, don't consider them, see I am doing a new thing".... so, this experience truly made His words so powerful and true. As God said, He had truly done a new thing!! All glory and honor and praise to Him!!!

This is truly a time of physical material and spiritual house cleaning time for me!!

I'm thankful to God for my dear pastors, and all my friends in Christian Corner, Glory be to Him for your loving hearts!!

God is so real and so good, so I will tell the whole world!!

Now my humble prayer is that God would open a door for a house. I just want four walls, a roof above my head, a toilet and cesspit. This looks like a mountain for me, but it's a simple thing for my Lord Jesus. It was an impossible task for my earthly parents but nothing is impossible for my heavenly Father. Please pray for me that God would bless me to move to my forever home.

Thank you, May God bless you all!!



Dear friends in Jesus,

Yesterday was the HAPPIEST DAY EVER in my whole life!!! Yesterday, I went to our Revival Fire Global Ministry Deliverance Meeting, and I got filled with Holy Spirit. It's like Jesus was pouring into me and my heart or my inner being got filled!! I was laughing and weeping at the same time, and all those burdens of worries and pain and everything just left my mind. I felt very light and joyful. Worshipping and loving Him felt so easy and just SO RIGHT.

It happened when I stopped asking and begging for Holy Spirit and choose to say with faith, I believe and I receive Him in the name of Jesus!

For 20 years I have been HUNGRY for this, yesterday I got Him!! I REJOICE!!!!!!

Now I want more and more and more of Holy Spirit and I want to pray in tongues, use my spiritual senses and oh I hope this fire will ever burn in my heart forever!!

But I'm also very nervous of me doing something to hurt Him. I'm scared of losing Him. How truly sweet of Him to come to live in a broken unworthy vessel like me!!

I'm so HAPPY and want to share with the whole world!!!!

Now, I don't feel alone. I don't care who abandoned me.


Yours Affectionately,


Hello Everyone,

Thank You for your Prayers !
I am recovering quickly from the back surgery, but I still have to take it easy until June.

Please Pray that I will not have any little mishap that would injure my healing back, and send me back to the Hospital.

Thank You !
Praise Report : We praise the Lord for....

1) My wife under went laser treatment of her Retina without any after effects and she is comfortable now. 2) I Miraculously survived from Haemoragic Dengue fever and I almost went to the edge of the Grave. 3) Lord enabled us to buy a 3BD apartment flat in my native apart from our house here. 4) My Employer gave a salary hike for me and my wife also. 5) My kids Shined in their studies and also extra activities also. We thank you for your prayers and also in advance for my new prayer request as well. Thanks & regards,
Anand. INDIA).
Dear God's Servant,

Praise the Lord!! Hope you and your family are doing good. Testimony: I praise the Lord along with you as per....

1) By the Grace of God I am completing 39yrs on July-31st and God had been Good to me and my family.

1)The Lord is very much gracious to me, and I got a good hike from my employer.

2) My 2 daughters are doing well in studies.

Anand - Chennai

I am so thankful for the wonderful progress made the past few weeks with healing from a very long term health challenge. Please continue to pray for me.

I thanks, thanks,thanks.........etc thee and praise GOD that he listened my prayer and answered my Plea.

I give my thanks to Pastor and all prayer warriors who involved in praying up for me a lot to God The Father, God The Son, & God The Holy Spirit.

1. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he established a wonderful relationship with me in making me to remember him and adoring him for everlasting to everlasting continuously with out any stumble.

2. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he made me to humble lower than dust.

3. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave me a very good faith as universe as is in GOD,and gave me mighty strength in defeating devil/Satan with out stumble.

4. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave me a very good knowledge in communications i.e in understanding and reading Bible and other books, Remembering capability,speaking fluently in English i.e in American Accent, very good leadership qualities, Good Command in Q.T.P (this is Software functional Tool) with out any stumble.

5. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave me very nice and kind heart for Praying to others, (regarding money sake, that to with out asking to any one but except GOD) and gathering all the JEWS People to their Home Land.

6. I praise and give thanks to GOD in helping me to store lots of treasures in heaven.

7. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he fulfilled his promise which was given to me this year(2008) that is he gave Twinkle as my wife and blessed us a lot in this year 2008, and once again GOD reminded me that heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will never pass away.

8. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave me a nice and kind heart for helping JEWS People with out anybody's help.

9. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he eradicated dandruff and fungal infection in my scalp completely.

10. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave my hair back which was lost all those days and GOD made it stronger and lengthy.

11. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he cured all my diseases ,cured my heart problem, cured my right hand problem and not letting me approach Doctor in my whole Life by faith.

12. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he blessed my country in perishing all IDOLS to dust and showed mercy to the people of our country in accepting Son of GOD, LORD JESUS CHRIST as his savior.

13. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he taught me how to pray by faith.

14. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave confidence that I leave a healthy life with out worry, with out tension, with out cowardly life, till Lord Jesus comes and takes me in his Rapture.

15. I praise and give thanks to GOD that he gave me a nice JOB in Top Company i.e in Software Testing Tools and made me to move USA in 2008.


Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Praise and glory be to God! For He had answered my prayers!

I still have my job, inspite of the sexual harassment case that was wrongly lodged against me.

Bless you and thank you for your prayers everything went very well.

Praise God Almighty! The lord has heard your prayers and mine and has blessed me with a good job. I thank all of you who lifted my prayer request up before the lord. Thank All Of You So Very Much!

Norris Patterson

Thank you God for hearing my prayers and eliminating all my financial shortcomings. You sold my house, you are making my new business the hottest thing in town with money enough for all my bills and you are keeping us safe and healthy. I am forever grateful for your love and support and walking with me everyday.


Thank you for your prayers. Laura Kimbrell is out of the coma as of this morning. Her soul has been saved by GOD.

Your Sister In Christ
Vila Lopez
Greetings from Zambia

Thank you for your prayers for Carman. She has recovered fully from malaria and is back in school. & Maureen Mayumbelo.

Max is home and doing well. Maureen is still in the hospital. This past Monday was one week since the head-on collision. She has a broken arm, collar bone and a dislocated hip. A week after the accident the doctors finally set her arm and put it in a cast. By this time the bone had begun to mend which required that they manipulate the bone to set it properly. Today she is scheduled for surgery to attend to her hip. She continues to be in great pain. I have told her of your many prayers and she was encouraged.

Thank you for praying!
Phil & Lori Hunt
Kitwe, Zambia

It rained, 3"! Praise God. Thank you for your prayers.
Dear Intercessors of Prayer,

This is a prayer request and a praise report at the same time. My daughter Kaillin is coming to visit with me for the first time ever. I have never seen her. She is 8 years old. Praise God for making this happen, because this is a surprise to me. Please pray that everything be blessed tomorrow between the mother of my child Brenda, and my sweet and beautiful child Kaillin. Thank you so much for your prayers.


I want brethren all over the world to join me in thanking God for His wonderful blessings in my life. His will is being done in my nuclear and extended families. His promises are true. His words are spirit and life.

Praise the Lord!

Praise The Lord! God Is So God Good!

Thank you so much for the prayers. Yesterday Joel and two of the friends he did drugs with got saved! They all gave there heart's to Jesus! The Holy Spirit moved so mightily in the service. Joel and his friends crying from the beginning to the end. There was salvation and deliverance going on all over that church. I tell you I went from praising to crying, to shouting to dancing and everything in between. It was glorious and I thank the Lord so much, and I thank you for loving me, Joel and these friends of his enough to be in these constant prayers. I know they have been constant because I have been hitting you with prayer request left and right for the last two weeks. Never, never, never think your prayers are not doing any good. God does hear us when we pray, so keep praying for folks like me and my dear son. We are family, we are a team and a part of God's army.

Sharlyn (Shari) Matthews

Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! God is so good all the time! God has sent new students to me and Paul. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness to provide for us and for answering our prayers and especially the prayers of all of you who has prayed for us. Thanks be to God who is ever so kind, merciful and gracious. Dear prayer warriors, brothers and sisters in Christ, please do continue to pray for us because we need a major financial breakthrough as we have outstanding bills to settle as well as this month house rental. Please pray that God send more new students to us children, teenagers and adults to our home tuition and English Courses. We are also doing Life and Business Coaching. Thank you very much for keeping us in your prayers and for faithfully praying for us non-stop until we receive a major financial breakthrough. Thank you very much.

God bless all of you abundantly. With Christ's love,

Thanks everyone for your prayers, some of you might of already heard what happened. Early this morning Tammi was resued and this guy was shot in the process. I don't know why but he started firing on the police when he let her go to the door to get a new cell phone, but the police grabbed her out of the way. I think he actually had a death wish at this point cause he didn't want to go back to prison. Hard to know what goes on in some people's minds. And of course the family of this guy doesn't think the police handled it right. One thing I didn't like was that he asked to talk to his daughter and they wouldn't let him. She might of been able to convience him to give up. But the good news is that it's over with and tammi is home safe.

take care, love Janet

I just heard from my son today. He is at another halfway house. I'm very grateful to know that he's okay. Please continue praying for his continued safety and healing.

Thank you
Praise the Lord dear Pastor,

Many Thanks to you for all the fervent Prayers you have offered up to the Almighty God on behalf of me. The Lord is Blessing me abundantly because of your Prayers . Today the first day of my Job, I have found Gods Divine favour as they have given me the opportunity to sit on the Reception. It is like a Telephone Operators Job. The colleagues have been very co-operative and they have helped me in every possible way. Please Pray that I may be able to memorise the extension numbers and handle the Telephone board well. Thanks once again for all your Prayers and sacrifices.

Yours in Christ always
Donna's Baby is Home

Donna is my Cousin and she had a Baby and it was in ICU for some time Now her Baby is home.
Praise the Lord,

Once again as i write this mail , i am rejoicing because the Almighty God has answered your fervent Prayers on behalf of me concerning Cherish.Well even before i could get to know Cherish and hear from his mouth many worldly words , i had told him i am sending across a Prayer Request all around the world and during this time if anything happens i will accept it as Gods divine plan for my life. Well as Cherish kept saying he wanted to get married to me , i kept telling him, that i was just his friend and nothing more.

Well he did not want to hear anything from my side , but i with the Lords help made things very clear to him about myself. He was calling my sister over to meet him . I realised one day as he was on line , as i signed in , he signed out in a hurry . Well i knew that he was disturbed with all the Prayers being offered up on behalf of us . My sister decided to go to see him along with her Boy friend , and so i told him to ask for the adress , the moment he heard his voice he started fumbling and finally said he was going out and would get back to him later to give the address.

I realised that he was trying to deceive me . Well I am very happy because God has confirmed the truth . Thanks once again.

Yours in Christ always.

I just wanted to give thanks to everyone and tell them how grateful I am for their prayers. My dad doesn't have bone cancer. PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!! There is NOTHING too big or too small for my God. He is so AWESOME and I want to sing praises to Him all the days of my life. I am just so grateful for all your prayers.
Let's Give God Some praise!!!!

Wonderful news. Gregory Horn did not have to have his leg amputated. His mother was told for sure his leg was coming off yesterday, but God had other plans. Our sweet, healing Jesus gave him a miracle. The infection disappeared, the bone was renewed and all they had to do was scrape dead skin off his foot. Oh, yes, let's give God the glory! Now I'm fully expecting God to fully provide for my travel to see my father in Alabama. One dear brother has written me and told me God has put it in his heart to help me some for the trip. Oh, I send blessings to that dear brother today. I've already prayed a hundredfold blessing upon him for having such a sweet heart of love to help, and I pray a blessing upon everyone who has prayed for my trip, and who prayed for Sue and Russ, and for Trina and Scott's finances.

God bless your sweet souls!
I send you love in Christ,
Hi Everyone,

am so sorry that you have not received an update lately. It has been rather busy, all the trips to see cody, we have helped with his little four year old brother, as much as possible, plus keeping up with a job. The last time we went to see cody before he went to the Rehab center, we were heart sick, that Cody didn't want us to see him. This past week end we drove to Charlottesville Va. about a 4 hour trip to the pediatric center in wonder, we were so afraid that he would not want us to be there again. Feb. 14 was the best valentine's day we have ever had we walked into the center and the physical therapist was working with cody on a big tricycle, he saw us and his eyes got so big. He peddled down the Hall so fast the therapist had to run after him, he got to us and said want off, want off. We got the biggest hugs, I almost broke down and cried. It was priceless. We said on the way home that was worth it if we had had to drive 10 hours. He is walking anywhere now, just have to keep it down to a walk, he would like to run. He got the feeding tube out while we were there. Thank God!!!!!!!!!! He is talking in sentences, you can understand him about 75% to 80% of the time, if he is tired it is harder. He even sang "Take me out to the ballgame" to me.......... We had a wonderful weekend with him we were so blessed, we could hardly contain ourselves. The best came today, He is Home....... Praise God that baby is home........ We just talked to his Dad. Brother is on route to be reunited with the family as we speak, after 6 weeks. Dad said that he was eating good, he is excited to be home. He can go up the stairs to his room, but they don't want him to for fear of falling. He even stopped by his school to see a few friends and his teacher. He will begin his therapies in Roanoke tomarrow. It is hard to express the appreciation that we feel for ever one who cared enough to call our little grandson's name in Prayer, we want to speak double blessings into your lives and into your families lives. We Have seen a miracle and every time we see that smiling face we will always remember all of you who Prayed. God is so wonderful we will never be able to praise him enough for all he has done.

May God Truly Bless You.
The Caldwells
Dear Joe,

Praise GOD, Praise God, Praise God, Praise God, .......I am just amazed at the miracles that the Lord has done in my home in just a few days. I e-mailed you about a week ago, I was in the most desperate need of prayer. Thank you and everyone who prayed for my situation. The Lord has come to my aide again....I was on the verge of divorce, depression and self hatred, but in just a few days the Lord has made me smile again, and a reason to get up in the morning. I feel totally re-energized.I know that I still have a long road ahead of me, but I know if I let the Lord lead the way I will be following in the right direction." What a mighty God we serve" I want to let every one know, no matter how desperate your situation may be. Help is just a prayer away. My situation was down right horrible, and only through the grace of God am I able to be writing this e-mail on the blessings that God has given me and my husband. God has taught me so much through these struggles. I know now that I needed to change and with God's help I can. Sometimes we become so selfish that we can't see pass the wrong that others has done to us, not once facing up to the wrong that we have placed on others. Once again THANK YOU for your prayers and thoughts. Prayer changes things. I can honesty say that am so thankful for the struggles that I just went through. I never thought I would say that. It was the worst time in my life, but yet God knew that it would take something that horrible to make me change.Please continue to pray for me that God will give me patience, and fill me and my husband with the love that the Lord commanded a husband and wife to share with each other, most importantly pray that my husband will be Saved.....I thank you and your prayer warriors. Glory be to GOD.....Glory be to god....

Your sister in Christ,

Thanks for your prays, Adriana was operated yesterday and everything was perfect, she is at the Neuroscience I.C.U. now and she's doing just great. Tomorrow she would be transfer to the regular room. The Holly Spirit of God was and still with her all the times. Thanks to Jesus, God bless you all !!!

Thanks to all from my heart.

I wanted to update everyone to say God sure has Moved Mountains for us. I was able to get some items off ebay really cheap and the kids had school clothing! Thank You! so much for your on going prayers!

With Love Catrina

I just have a great big HUGE praise report and want to thank all of you for prayers for my marriage. Your prayers are not in vain. You have reached the throne on my behalf.

My husband called me. He said he just wanted to take a minute before going to work, to tell me he loved me and that he doesn't know how yet, but he knows there has to be some way we can work things out.

I am just about to go wild. I mean, I am at work, so I can't freak out, but I just had to tell you.

Thank the Lord, Thank the Lord , Thank the Lord , Thank the Lord, Thank the Lord , Thank the Lord , Thank the Lord , Thank the Lord, I know we have many obstacles to overcome, but God is faithful and fully able!!! Praise the Lord

Dear Praying Friends,

I wanted to share this with all who have prayed for us over the past 18 months:

In recent weeks we have had a breakthrough. So much work has come in that I can hardly keep up with it. We praise God for His goodness!!! We have a big hole to climb out of, but now we can at least see that there is hope. Thank you so much to those who have labored with us in prayer. We can hardly express our gratitude to you. Thank you !!

More good news to come - God Bless!
Tony & Toshiko Martin

I want to start off in saying i thank god for giving him life so we can be save. God have been good to me and my family.I lost my best friends my mother 3 year ago and my father 2 years ago, and it was god faith that i believe that they are in a better place. When ever i need to talk to my heavenly father i go to a quite place in my home and i have a conversation with the Lord. I must say i feel 100% better . I not writing this to ask God for anything because he alright know my heart and what i need. I just want to thank him,and thank him because he definately a part of my life.

I am praying for magnified praise and glory and that my thanks be heard for answered prayers and gods kingdom on earth.

WE ARE GREATFUL THANK YOU LORD PRAISE (please walk us through the fire)

I would like to rejoice in the lord for giving me a special blessing on my job. We don't know when the lord will answers prayers, but his mercy and love is always there when we believe. Continue to pray for me.

Thank you God, for hearing my prayers through your holy son Jesus. I have prayed for years without seeing any evidence that you were listening. It wasn't until I reread your word to pray as though I have already received that my prayers came to be answered. Thank you Father in Heaven, for loving me even before I was born, for knowing how many times I would mess up but chosing to love me anyway.

I want to thank GOD and let everyone know....He saved my 18 month old daughters life this past Father's Day. Fathers Day how ironic.....She had a seizure that lasted over 2 hours and wasn't expected to come out of it.....with his grace she did!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

God is so good. I have struggled and stood against a dizziness for about 8 years. In the past month I decided to fast twice. My intension was to clean my body out. At that time Jesus became so much more real to me. He started a real love walk in my life. His presence is so awesome. I'm now worshiping Him instead of just singing words. Second cleansing I was feeling very sick. I finally had it with the problem. Day before church I said I'm taking my healing tomorrow. At one point in the service the pastor said that the Holy Spirit is present so reach out and receive. I said to myself I'm taking my healing. The manifestation happened that following Tuesday. I was helping a friend put up wallpaper and I got so excited. I could look up without falling to the floor. I could lay on my back. I've been just praising the Lord. Don't give up on God. In Christ.


Stephen Monaco, the 3 year old who went into a coma about a month ago, was at one point declared brain dead. But one doctor disagreed. They kept trying, and we all kept praying. And against 99% odds, he has begun to move his hands and has opened one eye. There is more ground to cover, but the weight is now in his favor for a full recovery. In your prayers, please be sure to thank the Lord and to encourage others with lost causes & hopeless cases to seek Him in earnest.

Last Friday the terrible pain that Alicia had been experiencing ended. This was not the result of a medical action. It is the response of Jesus Christ to our prayers. She smiles and plays now like nothing was ever wrong. Let this be edifying to those of you who reach out in prayer to Jesus. He is not hard of hearing or distracted. Never loose hope. Never stop.

Thank you Jesus Christ! And thanks to all of you who lifted Alicia up to Him in their prayers!


God has performed a wonderful work in response to your prayers! When Donna went in for her biopsy, the doctor could find no cysts at all. God answers prayers!

We praise You and we thank You Heavenly Father in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers!

Answered prayer for Ruth whose faith is now strong.

Answered Pray for Rodger P. who's hands seem to be healing OK, and doctors think that he will have full use of his hands once they have healed.

The speed with which Rodgers hands are healing continues to amaze the Doctors.

Praise be to God, bless His holy name.

My mother , Ethel had a pacemaker installed and is home doing great.

Praise to GOD that Vernon S. came through the by pass surgery and is recovering just fine.

Praise to GOD, everything worked out for Cathy.

Thanks to GOD Fred G. is feeling better and is eating.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA PRAISE - Friends of New Tribes Mission have shipped equipment over the Pacific that will help build future airstrips and other Sepik projects. The containers are already in Lae.

Praise and Thanks to GOD!, who provided a job that fits my needs and schedule.


Praise GOD!, Cathy W. who's neck was broken in two places in a car crash is going to be fine, with no paralysis of any kind.

Praise GOD, Horace C. is recovering well from his colon surgery, and there is no sign of cancer.

Thank You LORD for the improvement in David S. health.


It is with great joy that I submit to you this praise report. Recently I requested your prayers for my unemployment situation. After being out of work since last August I will be starting a new job this Monday. I wish to thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. However above all I wish to give all glory to our Lord and Savior for providing for my every need during this time of unemployment

Yours in Christ
Bob Kaznica

This is Dorothy. I requested prayer for work and I note you posted my request on your page. Anyhow, I got a call from a temporary agency today. They have a temp assignment for me starting tomorrow. The pay is half what I usually get, but it's something to keep going. The thing could last for 2 months, but my friend at the agency said she would understand if I had to leave for something at my normal rate because she knows I am paying on a small house and my Dodge Dakota pickup that I bought new over 2 yrs ago when I had a steady job. At least it's in an area only 7 or 8 miles straight east of me, with free parking. The hours are odd -- 7 to 3:30. But work is work and I thank you all for praying for me. Somebody sure got thru in a hurry!

In His Name,

My name is Marilyn I have an anwsered pray. I asked God for a friend and a Christian penpal. Just the other day my prayer was anwered, her name is Crystal she's seems to very nice and charming I thank the person who runs this page.

Thanks Again

From Bill Davis Lighthouse Baptist Church of Azle, Texas. I am pleased to report that God has provided for our needs and we have installed the new septic system. It is completely paid for because the Lord provided the exact amount to have the job done.

Thanks to the loving prayers of many people my wife's breathing problem has inproved. She is still on dialysis (three times a week) and her nephrologist believes her only real recourse is a kidney transplant.

We met with the surgeon and his team in Jacksonville, Fl. 15 days ago and it looks promising about obtaining a kidney transplant. Two years ago, she was a candidate for a pancreas-kidney transplant at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Fl. (University of Florida) where they found she has heart disease because of diabetes. Her arteries were blocked and they would not consider her for the program. The doctor didn 't want her to ruin his statistics. Yes, physicians do play God.

But now we are at a different time and place. The first thing that has to take place is the removal of her cataract from her "good" eye. In her "bad" eye, she has a prosthesis. The doctor is a little hesitant because she only has the one eye. However, if she has the kidney transplant, the cataract will only get worse because of all the anti-rejection drugs. Plus, there is the possibility it won't heal later. So the cataract surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, July 23. She will be totally blind for awhile and our hope is that her vision will be returned. We do need your prayers. It will take four to six weeks for the operation to heal.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. We have six friends from church-Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Tallahassee who are willing to donate a kidney. They all have A or O blood. They will be tested this coming week with the blood sent to Jacksonville to be evaluated. We will then know in about three weeks.

Thank you for your prayers, My father is doing much better and silently working out his feelings with the Lord. I believe it takes all of us time to understand how we are able to express our love for the Lord and do it in different ways. In my heart I know he has let Jesus back in as his savior. Bless all of you that placed him in your prayers. Thank you.

Greetings from Zambia.

This Sunday, 3 August, our congregation here at Faith Baptist Church will move from the old green tent to our new permanent place of worship.

The work over the past five weeks has been intense, but God's grace has enabled our church family to complete the interior of the church building to the point that it can be used. We have installed the ceiling, painted the walls, put in the finished cement floor, built an additional twenty benches to add to the twenty-eight we are presently using. In addition, two of the five classrooms have been roofed and partially completed inside to accomodate the two Junior Church ministries. All this has been done in anticipation of this coming Sunday!

During the past two weeks we have canvassed our community, getting a personal invitation to the opening and dedication service into over 2,100 homes. Dr. Darrell Champlin, President of Independent Faith Mission will be with us as special guest speaker this Sunday.

Please pray much about the special service this Sunday. We anticipate a huge crowd, many unbelievers from the community. We are praying that God will bring many of these into a personal relationship with Himself.

On Monday through Wednesday, 4-6 August, we will be having a Bible Conference each evening. Please also remember these special meetings in prayer.

This past Sunday as we met under the tent for the last time, I looked out at a sea of faces, 200 plus. I remembered that first Sunday just less than four years ago when Faith Baptist Church began with just six Zambians in attendance. How God has blessed.

Success in ministry is not found in the number of people attending a church. Success in ministry in God's economy is found in faithfully preaching and teaching the truths of God's Word, resulting in new believers being discipled and growing into spiritually mature worshippers of the God of the Universe. In the final evaluation this phenomenon is all of God wrought through the Holy Spirit. We as servants of God are merely tools in the hand of the Great Master Builder. How thankful we are that God has chosen us, and in spite of ourselves, is using us as tools in His harvest field of Zambia.

Thank you for your continued intercession that enables this ministry to march on for Jesus Christ.

Your Friend,
Philip S. Hunt
Kitwe, Zambia

"I wanted to share the good news with you -- as of Friday, Chuck has been released on bond. My mother is in Romania with him and will be with him until his next hearing on September 1st. I've spoken with Chuck on the phone and he sounds wonderful. I can't tell you how thrilling it was to actually hear his voice -- I was so scared they would drag his release out fordays so the sound of his voice was a much overdue relief!

It seems we have had the good fortune of Chuck's case being assigned to an honest and fair judge. Please include her in your prayers and pray that God continues to give her the wisdom to properly oversee this case, and to watch out for her as well.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your support. The last four months have been very hard on the family but we have gotten much comfort from the kind words and dedicated efforts from all of you throughout this ordeal. The situation is far from over, but right now we're very much enjoying the favorable turn of events. My mother is once again with her son.

QUENO HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!! All of the charges have been dropped! As I write this, he is at home holding his children for the first time in four months! Here is the letter from Dean.

I'd just written this afternoon about Chuck Brandon's release and how we would now pray that Eugene would be released - and there ! Praise God, oh how good our God is, Hallelujah! And I'm sure this is not the end of God's Victory in Guatemala !!!

"Dear Friends,

I was just reading a bunch of letters from a first and second grade Sunday School Class from Missouri. You would cry to see all of the beautiful letters we have received.

I had just spoke with Lori yesterday and she told me that she went to see the Prosecuting Attorney and pleaded to know what was going on. She was allowed to see the public files on Queno, and was amazed. As I told you, Queno lost count of the converts. But in these reports were the numbers. The Prosecuting Attorney had sent men inside the prison to catch Queno doing anything wrong. Instead, they were transformed by this man "who though of himself last on every occasion". They were kind enough to keep record of the conversions for us - 260 ! Lori was most impressed with the 200 "official" letters in the file from Governments around the world, ours notwithstanding. The DA told Lori that he was ordering Queno to be released sometime this week. Lori was so relieved.

I don't know how you would describe what has happened over the last four months: death-row inmates being saved for Eternity; city unified in Christ; world brought to their knees in prayer; sick healed; hungry fed; sin forgiven.

A government holding a man on death row for "murder in the first degree, attempted murder, attempted Capitol Murder of a police officer, and numerous accounts of conspiracy and inciting a riot. A local indian preacher who grew up in the mountains of Guatemala and has no recourse against false accusations who is not a good candidate for hopes of release...

To all of you who have so diligently prayed THANK YOU! To those of you who sent letters THANK YOU! To those who sent gifts THANK YOU! To those who cried with us THANK YOU! To those who stayed up at night to spend extra time with the Father on your knees interceding THANK YOU! To those of you who shared my dream for world wide fellowship and prayer THANK YOU!

I am sure that Herbert is cuddled up on his daddy's lap. I would believe that he won't move from there anytime soon. Tabitha will bring daddy some lunch and give him a kiss that is a long time overdue. Lori will not have to be prompted to hold his hand and to cling to him.

The children of the orphanage did not have to be told to get up early today they could hardly sleep last night when they heard that Lori was going to get him and bring him home. The church did not have to announce that there would be a special service today the people were there waiting. The storekeeper did not have to put up a sign that she would be closed everyone knew that she would be at Queno's house asking what she could do to continue to help those left behind in prison. No one had to send out nvitations inviting the world to rejoice the joy comes naturally.

See you on the front line,

Heather's friend Jennifer Cowan accepted the Lord at Word of Life Camp this week. Thanks for praying. Continue to remember her though as she is from an unsaved home.

With thankful hearts,
The MacRaild Clan in Scotland.
Dear Friends and Supporters,

In case you haven't heard already, after more than four months of incarceration without a trial, I was finally released on bail Friday, July 25. The judge initially granted my bail release on June 17, but the prosecutor's office appealed the decision and took the maximum time allowable which delayed my release for over a month. I believe they just wanted to keep me locked up out of sheer meanness, for when the day finally came to hear the appeal in court, they simply withdrew it, which was probably their strategy all along since there really was no new argument they could make against my release anyway.

I had been frustrated and disappointed at so many points along the way in this ordeal, I didn't really let myself believe it was true even after the judge, the interpreter, my attorney, the chief of the prison transportation guards and others told me I was on my way out. Only after all the discharge processing was done and I actually crossed the gate threshold and saw my mother and attorney waiting, then the emotional dam broke.

The first day or two I was in something of a daze, practically mesmerized by all the sights and sounds and other sensory impressions of normal civilian life and the ability to converse at length in my own English. I ran off at the mouth a while with lots of pent-up sentiments and questions I could not get answered or even ask for so long. About twenty-five friends and supporters gathered with us at Pizza Hut on the 27th to celebrate my release.

Now I can at least prepare for the trial-that-should-never-be, now scheduled for September 1, from the more appropriate vantage point of a man presumed innocent than from that of someone already confined and treated the same as already-convicted violent criminals. My attorney doubts that the whole trial will be completed in one day and even if it were, it will probably be at least ten days before the verdict is formally announced.

Despite the hardship it is upon her and her health, my mother is determined to remain here in the interim to help ensure that I am never alone, i.e., without a credible witness to verify my every movement so no one can fabricate any more falacious charges or accusations against me or find any excuse to reincarcerate me, on the chance that anybody out there is really so disposed.

Some of the authorities here HAVE pulled some unbelievably devious stunts in their seemingly desperate attempts to drag the process out, exasperate us at every possible turn, obstruct justice and exhaust our financial resources. One incredible example was on July 3 when, reportedly 15 minutes before my case was to be heard, our judge was suddenly called out to the Ministry of Justice on some supposedly urgent matter. Reportedly, when she arrived the Minister of Justice was nowhere to be found--it was just a diversionary ploy by the prosecutors. So my mother, my American attorney and another friend who had all come from the U.S., my daughter-in-heart, Anisoara, who came across the country, and several of my Romanian friends from Bucharest who had all come to be present for the trial, only saw me briefly from a distance before I was spirited away for another two weeks without any contact.

The actual merits of the case, the facts and objective evidence, are all so heavily weighted in my/our favor it should never have progressed beyond a few hours' investigation. But, as nearly all the Romanians I know keep saying, "This is Romania", meaning anything can happen no matter how senseless and vulgar it may seem to us westerners. The only incriminating elements in the case are the allegations made by the two young derelict boys whom I and my interns were trying to rehabilitate. Their preliminary statements are vague, contradictory in several significant points and provably false in at least one major respect. And since we know the police tried to induce some of my interns to make false statements, it's not difficult to guess who put the boys up to making their false allegations against me.

Now, reportedly one of those boys has disappeared while supposedly in police custody and the other is in a mental hospital. So we probably should not dare to attempt to predict what will happen when (or should I say IF?) this matter finally comes to trial.

Probably the greatest blessing to materialize from this otherwise nightmarish ordeal is to see and hear how many and which people have rallied to my support and defense and how strongly they (you) have expressed it in often unexpected and pleasantly surprising ways, including some people I hardly know or may even never have met. Maybe God knows what He's doing after all! Among the many prayers that are still needed regarding this matter is for wisdom for me to be able to figure out what the best thing is I'm supposed to make of or do with this incredible experience, because right now I'm baffled - exceedingly glad to be out and about again like a normal human being (or should I, more accurately, say a normal, relatively pampered and overly-blessed American?) but still baffled. Pray also that nothing devious happens to take our present judge out of the picture. She seems (so far) to be the one person of reasonable integrity who, if she is biased at all, appears to be biased in my favor. She has already seen the brief video footage I took of the boys in my apartment which shows nothing incriminating, despite all the insinuations by the prosecutor to the contrary; and she was the one who granted my release on bail, which at least one seemingly reliable source has told me, hasn't happened in many years.

I can see there isn't room to tell you all about everything now, like the newpaper slander, the cigarette factors, the four weeks I didn't eat, the lice, the personal property lost or destroyed, the two "angels" of mercy both named Gabriel, the overcrowded and other conditions, the pleasant surprises, etc. But one major recommendation I'd like to make to all of you is to get your hands quickly upon any of the numerous books written by Richard Wurmbrand or his wife, Sabina. He spent 14 years in Romanian prisons, and she three, both literally tortured just for professing Christ and practicing Christianity during the good ole communist days (1948-64). So while this, my recent bout of so-called suffering in Romanian jails, pales significantly compared to what they had to endure, some of the similarities between their experiences and mine are still quite striking. That communist mentally still lingers here in so many ways.

I suppose we must mention the continuing need for monetary support as I am told the cost of this affair has already exceeded $50,000. Besides everything else, my mother left her work in the U.S. to be with me through the trial(s) and there are bills begging to be paid back home. Just imagine how much food, clothing, housing, etc., could have been bought with what we've been forced to spend on this matter.

Thanks for all your help and prayers. The Lord bless and protect us all on our journey to join Him in the heavenly realm.

Chuck Bronson

Wow. I sure got a speedy answer to my prayer request. The Lord is answering and working thru it. THANKYOU JESUS. Thanks for this prayer service.


Praise the LORD! I was only out of work for two days instead of a week with my back injury. I will be on light duty at work for a few weeks. Thank You! for your prayers.

Joe Comeau
Greetings from Zambia,

We wished to share with you our praise to God for answered prayer on behalf of Lori and Collin.

Lori went for a medical procedure several weeks ago and has since recovered fully from the birth of Collin. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

For about two months Collin had been unable to have a bowel movement on his own. The surgeon here said that the opening of the lower intestine was restricted and about four weeks ago performed a procedure to stretch that area. The procedure was successful but Collin still was continually constipated. He was scheduled to have a complete x-ray of his intestine tract this Wednesday. However a week ago, he began go again on his own. The x-ray was cancelled.

I told Lori I have never been a lover of dirty diapers, but in this case I was overjoyed and thank God for answered prayer. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Collin.

Do continue to pray concerning completing the construction of the Classroom building. We are only about a month away from the rainy season. We are asking God to provide for the necessary outside work, and that He will provide to put the roof on the other half of the building.

Thank you for your continued prayers for this ministry.

May God bless you.
Your Friends,
Philip & Lori Hunt
Kitwe, Zambia

Dear Friends, I have a wonderful praise report. Last week I put Nick who was in a coma on the prayer chain and Monday he came out of it. The doctors said there should be brain damage but is none! He dose have a pinced nerve in his arm and has no movement in it , but they said this will go in time.

I can not thank you enought for lifting Nick to the Lord in Prayer. And proclaiming what a wonderful God we have ! ! ! !

In His Steps,


She has been waking and sleeping. There have been so many miracles. This thing which Satan meant for destruction has been turned into a testimony to God's love for all of us. Praise HIM!!!! Outlook is good in the natural and the doctors are knowing that God is at work in Casey's body. Thank you so much for joining us in this prayer request. We feel led at this time to ask for prayer for the family to be able to hold up spiritually, physically, and financially under the great strain this has placed upon them. He can supply all and we are sure of His intent to do so. For His name is Jehovah-Jireh/Our Provider. Hallelujah! Praise God! His name is above all names!

God is the greatest!! Just listen to this, the grandaughter that was supposed to not be able to have the great granddaughter. Sun through Tues she was told the baby was hung above the pelvic and a section was eminent. Tues evening the prayers started. They had decided to do the section Wed afternoon. Well Wed they decided to wait until Fri. (an answer to prayer). Her labor changed Wed night at 12:00, She delivered an 8 lb. 6 oz baby girl at 12:08 Thurs noon with perfect labor. To my GOD be all glory and honor. All is well. She is home now.

Thanks for praying.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is a praise report from Beth Balestiere. Praise God!!\0/ God is awesome! God does answer prayers! God is in control! Romans 10:9

In Christ, Gene

Brothers and Sisters in Christ -God truly answers prayer!!! Each and every one of us is blessed by the love of our Awesome God! My thanks goes out to all of you who prayed and continue to pray on my behalf. On July 31stt I had a brain tumor the size of a baseball removed from my frontal lobe. I was in surgery for 12 hours and I lost 9 units of blood (nearly my entire volume). I praise God for the peace and comfort he provided to me and my family as we were faced with this surgery. I praise him for the wisdom and guidance that he provided to the doctors that he chose to work through. Although I experienced intense pain for several days after the surgery, the Lord carried methrough when I simply submitted to the belief that he was healing me. I should have been swollen and bruised the two weeks following the surgery. Thanks to God I was swollen for only 1 day. I woke up the next morning with the swelling practically gone. I did not have a seizure, blood clot, stroke or any paralysis, complications that are common with surgery of this kind YEAH GOD!!

The pathology reports confirmed that the tumor was benign. As I write this, I feel terrific--better than I ever have before. I have a great respect for the temple that God has given me to occupy during my short time here on earth. Did I mention that I am walking long distances every morning. I thank God for the caring church community that we experienced. Our family was provided with meals, house cleaning, lawn mowing and clean laundry.

Praise God for his constant never changing love and compassion for us.

Beth Balestiere

Praise The Lord!! Praise Report, Update On Marilyn Who Just Had A Baby Girl Last Wednesday, She Had Developed Toxemia And Heart Failure And Also Her Father-in-law Was Killed In A Car Accident On His Way Home From The Hospital.


I just wanted to let you know that I received a call a little while ago. Marilyn is out of the woods, & is going to be moved to a private room this afternoon! Thank you so much for your prayers! If you would like to keep praying for her, I would be happy to keep you updated on her progress!

Tracie Stanley
Hi Friends,

I am pleased to report that Amanda Bundy will not have to undergo chemotherapy, and no other treatments are required in the foreseeable future! Her mediport, the device implanted under her skin to administer chemotherapy drugs, was removed in early September. The tumor that was left around her backbone has not changed at all since the surgery in March, and has actually shrunk since then. She will have to be monitored and tested periodically for a long time, but the imminent danger is gone.

Her parents are breathing a grateful sigh of relief and thanking God every day for allowing them to spend more time with their precious angel, Amanda. They are also deeply grateful for every prayer sent heavenward by you wonderful people. The horrible prognosis they were given in March has turned into a glorious miracle, a prayerful victory over the cancer which invaded Amanda's small body.

At the risk of offending anyone, her mother would like to request that no more phone calls be made to their home. Many well-meaning people have taken pains to obtain the Bundy's home phone number, to discuss Amanda's healing. The Bundys will never forget what has happened to them, but they are trying to put it behind them and concentrate on living every day fully and appreciating the gifts they've been given, rather than dwelling on their terrifying ordeal. Even though people are calling out of love and concern, Amanda's mother is a private person, running a busy household with a small baby, and doesn't always have time to take the calls. She hopes you will understand.

God bless you all for your love and concern,
This extremely GOOD NEWS from Lisa:

I just want to say thank you for your faithfulness in sending out the prayer request . Prayer does change things !! And I just love the Lord.

I have praise report. My mother was saved last sunday. We have been praying for her for 5 years...and most of us really didn't think there was any hope. But we continued to pray daily for her. That God would open her eyes . Send her dreams and revalations. And thats just what he done. The story is a long one...So I just shorten it alittle. But I just want everyone to be encouraged to PRAY , PRAY , PRAY.......BECAUSE PRAYER REALLY DOES CHANGE THINGS. There is so much power in prayer.

Dear Prayer Warriors,

This will just confirm the good news that Bill Walsh is home from the hospital and is doing just fine. He had a pacemaker installed. The pacemaker was a success. He had a stress test and it showed the pacemaker was doing it's job.Mary, Bill's daughter, sees the Lord's hand in all the circumstances surrounding this episode. Praise and Thanksgiving to the Great Physician. Amen

All the prayers were very much appreciated. \o/ Praise God!!! \o/

I had sent a prayer request in February to pray for my wife and I (Sheila) as we were seperated.; Just to let everyone know that we have been reunited!; It was a miracle answer to prayer, truly I believe it was.; Praise Jesus Christ our Lord for working so powerfully in our lives.; Thanks to all for praying, and please inform everyone that has been praying that we have been reunited.;

Thanks again, and God Bless -Scott
Greetings, I have good news tonight about Candy.

The doctors found the problem, spinal fluid was leaking out of her spine where she she had the spinal tap. The doctors fixed the problem and right away the headaches started going away. She is up and around and feeling much better.

THANK YOU !! for your prayers.
Joe Comeau

Baruch has come out of his coma. He will be coming home very soon. He has a cast on both of his legs to keep them formed, because his feet involuntarily point down and he has casts on both arms to keep his fists open. He drools alot and he responds with smiles and by turning his head to look at who ever is speaking to him. Alot of little things are happening and we give God the total Glory. Please continue to pray for the family, a softening of hearts and willingness to receive and obey what the Lord would have them do. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

God Bless You All!!! ---- Marla

Hi everyone, this is an update on Mieta,there were so many that E-mailed her a letter that I'm sending this out to all of you,please forgive me if you get this update more than once.Mieta, went in to have her surgery that friday.(7/16/99) When she came out,the doctors were amazed,they said that she was coming out quicker than she should, they had to give her more medicine to put her under.They asked her if she knew where she was she did, that was a plus.The doctors said that she will be all swollen up when she comes out, there was no swelling at all, again the doctors were amazed.They also said she would be in the hospital for along time,in 5 days she was out.She is gradually getting stronger,please keep praying till she gets completely better.I wish I could thank each of you for your wonderful prayers in person, but I will be able to some day.You are each blessings from God.

May God bless each of you.
Thanks again Love Angel

Within days of posting my prayer request for a job - I was offered more than one job. I have now been employed for over 2 months and it's full-time - despite my serious illness that cost me my last job, I am coping well with this full-time job and am in excellent health.

Thank you to you all. Praise the Lord! Sue

Short term accommodation for kids who just need a place to go and get it together . . . . . . . . . . . . . Crisis accommodation for up to 21 days . . . . . . . . . . Christian based help for kids in crisis . . . . .

Greetings in Jesus' name

I wish to give "All The Glory to God" for the breakthrough we have had in being given time to address the Mayor of our city in a meeting in his chambers to discuss what our future plans are for the street kids of Launceston.

If I or anyone else had tried to arrange this we would have surely failed but God moved on our mayor and he asked us to keep him informed as to what was happening on the streets - he has had "very positive feedback" on our activities and advances with the street culture.

Please pray that our letters to businesses in this city will be recieved well and God will move these city fathers to donate toward the upkeep of our work in the streets.

Bless you all in Jesus name

First I want to THANK YOU & the many others that have been praying for me. I went to the Transplant Center Yesterday & my Hepatologist had some good news The reason he wanted to see me right away is my Viral Load is None / -0- / Zilch ??? That means My Hep 'C' is gone ? He claims it will never return ? DOES PRAYER WORK ? I THINK THE ABOVE ANSWERS THAT VERY WELL. BUT DON'T STOP PRAYING NOW. I STILL HAVE TO GET PAST THE BIOPSY, THEN A POSSIBLE TRANSPLANT IF I CAN FIND AN AGENCY THAT WILL PAY FOR IT OR I AM SUNK. IF IT IS NOT CIRRHOSIS HE NEEDS TO FIND OUT WHAT ELSE COULD BE WRONG WITH ME. SO I'M NOT OUTA DANGER AS OF YET. Hopefully you can get rid of your Hep 'C' before it hits the Cirrhosis Stage, AS IT ONE DAY WILL ! It can be done !

Thank you all for praying for little 3 year old Skylar. Please continue to do so. He is still a very sick little boy. The doctors now say it is cancer, and probably in one or both kidneys. They will not know for sure until they can get the swelling down. Please pray also for his parents who are not Christians. His father says he covets every single prayer that goes up on his son's behalf. May God touch little Skylar and heal his precious little body, in Jesus Name.

Your sister in Christ, Delores

Praise GOD and thank you for praying: I submitted a prayer request in February for the healing of my obsessive-compulsive disorder; well, my doctor has finally found the right combination of medicines to treat it, and I'm enjoying the first relief I've had in 13 years!

Thank You JESUS for being You!!!
Chip Harmison

I have great news from the River of Life Bible Camp in Maxfield, Maine. Last friday a young man called and then stoped by the camp. He wanted to know if the camp could use another counselor. Isn't it wonderful how the Lord provides!!! And it gets still better, this young man is a youth pastor in a church in the southern part of Maine. Could we have asked for better????

Thank You for your prayers!!!

Dear Lord it is time to thank you and praise your name for answer prayer and for loving us enough to answer in Jesus name amen

I have good news for you my aunt is swalloing now.She is getting better slowly .I have been so busy forgot to tell you.keep praying.I have another blessing my daughter who I have not seen in two years is comeing home this week.I am so happy.God is so good.thanks for the prayers and dont stop.


This is answer to prayer. Awhile back I requested prayer for my husband and ministers wife(Rick and Jan) They both seem to be doing better in some ways. I thank you for your continued prayer for them. May God bless you all.


My name is John. I Have had so many prayers anwsered and I wanted to tell some one, every one, Just to give the glory to God him self. I see that all things are possible to God and nothing is beyond him. For many years I looked for my prayers to be anwsered for me.Times when I thought he did not hear me I was worng. My prayers were being anwsered not for me, but for his glory. I now realize that. It was for him. I just want to let everone know who reads this and give them a word of hope.There is nothing that wont be done for us , if we ask and let the glory be given to God for it and really beleive that he hears us. I have learned to expect it, then I look for and I wait and God anwsers. Again I give all the credit and glory to God. I am thankful he hears me and anwsers my prayers. All the praise does belong to God. All his words are true.In him I will trust and the things I do in life I will do in his name.

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